Like meeting a person for the first time - first impressions are everything! 

It takes a Buyer only 3 to 6 minutes, on average, to walk through a house... 
Buyers know within the first 30 seconds if it could be their home, it is a spontaneous, emotional reaction. 
Then while walking through the house, they look for signs to support their initial feeling.

Two keys to selling your home faster and for more money, which cost almost nothing: 
  1. Cleanliness: 
     If your house is spotless - including furnishings, appliances, walls & floors - people will gravitate to it.
  2. Organization and Simplicity - Less is better: 
    A well organized home shows how the property functions to meet the needs of everyday life. Pare down your belongings to everyday basics. Use this opportunity to donate or recycle unused goods.

Clues and What To Do's...

The Checklist !


  • Tidy up your flower beds/plantings and include flowers in planters or urns at your front entrance
  • Improve your homes 'curb appeal' by ensuring all waste bins, lawn equipment, and toys are nowhere in sight.
  • Make sure that the lawn is freshly groomed and gardens are weeded and well maintained. In the winter ensure that the sidewalk, driveway, entrance stairs and landing are fully cleared of snow and ice.
  • Make sure the front door and hardware, as well as the front stoop/porch, are clear and clean. If you have a painted porch - double check that the floor paint is in good condition - if not, do a touch-up.
  • Remove most if not all of the coats, shoes, boots etc from the front door entrance way: If there is a coat closet - make it tidy and remove unnecessary items: Buyers want to see that your space is functional - a crowded, messy space suggests it is not.
  • Add some flowers to the foyer or living room - ideally where they can be seen when a person first enters.

Primary Living Spaces:

  • Freshen Up - Open the windows (weather permitting)
  • Reduce the number of personal items - pictures, trophies, memorabilia and collectables. These may be meaningful to you, but remember that you're attempting to get people to visualize themselves in your space.
  • Purge closets and all surfaces. Look beyond the 'open spaces' and pare down all belongings in closets and bookshelves - books, videos, clothes, etc. to show that closets and rooms are large enough.
  • Steam-clean any broadloom
  • Thoroughly clean your home - windows, floors, door handles, light fixtures, inside of cabinet doors and around all drawer pulls. This includes cleaning the floors & shelves and straightening up the contents of the insides of your closets - be they for clothes, kitchenware, or bathroom supplies.
  • Look around high visibility areas for damaged drywall, trim or other fixtures and do those minor repairs, otherwise they will be noticed quickly and leave a general impression of a 'tired' property.


  • Thoroughly clean the stove-top and oven
  • Remove area rugs and any hand/dish towels from kitchen,
  • Clear items from kitchen counters except for a few carefully selected accessories - stainless steel items are still the preferred life style accessory.
  • Then add - a bowl of crisp green apples or limes or fresh bright lemons on your kitchen counter is always a good idea

Bedrooms and Baths:

  • Ensure all beds are made, bed linens freshly cleaned and all items removed from dresser tops and floors.
  • In bathrooms - ensure the sink, tub, floors and faucets are shiny clean.
  • Hang clean, dry, matching towels neatly.
  • Remove any area rugs and toilet seat covers
  • Ensure all personal toiletries are pared down to the basic needs and neatly stored - ideally out of first sight.

For pet owners:

  • Take pets out of the property if possible during showings. A barking dog or an overly friendly cat can distract a purchaser from the positives of your home.
  • Make sure any pet odour has been eliminated or reduced significantly.
  • Consider having someone care for them while you are holding your open-houses and showings - it will be less stressful for them, and you can put away their dishes, litter-boxes, crates, toys, etc.

The Goal:

To set your home apart from others on the market.

To help potential buyers realize that they want to live in this space... 
and could do so easily !